Favourite Posts of 2013

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Favourite Posts 2013You couldn’t get enough of pretty party themes this year. 4 of the top 5 most viewed blog posts were party styling ideas. However it seems you can’t beat a bit of know how, with a tutorial to getting you hanging paper bunting like a pro, your favourite post of 2013.

1. How to Hang Paper Bunting

2. Party Style Files – Shabby Chic Girls Tea Party

3. A Teddy Bears Picnic for Thomas

4. Party Style Files – Vintage Train Birthday

5. Party Style Files – Mermaid Party in Seafoam & Pink

If you have suggestions for what you would like to see more of in 2014 then please leave me a comment below.

Bonjour Berry

Party Colour Theme: Pantone’s Radiant Orchid

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Radiant Orchid Party

Pantone has announced that Radiant Orchid is the colour for 2014 and I have to admit when I first saw it, I wasn’t very excited. Everyone has colours that they gravitate towards and likewise colours that they avoid. Most shades of purple are generally on my avoid list.

Having said this, clients can ask me to work with any colour scheme and it’s my job to make it work whether or not it’s one of my favourite tones. Plus I don’t like the thought of getting stuck in a colour rut. The new year is upon us and what better time to venture out of my comfort zone and try something new.

Thanks to Pinterest it wasn’t long before I had lost myself in a Radiant Orchid haze. My favourite picks are those shown above but you can see all the items I pinned here. As you can see I’m still obsessed with gold and I think the two colours make a very regal combination.


Gold Sparkle Skirt // Abree FashionPurple Party Popcorn // Momentini
Tassel Garland // Studio Mucci
Lavender Cocktail //  Dani Notes
Pansy Pops // Sprinkle Bakes



What To Say in a Thank You Card

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As I said in my previous post on thank you cards, the two most important aspects of your note are personalization and specificity.  After keeping track of what presents you received and from whom, be sure to mention the gift by name and then add a special note telling the giver why you liked the item so much.

Again, you need only write a few sentences, and be sure to get the cards in the mail as soon as you can after your event.  Within the first week is ideal.

But what should I say after the party?

Let’s break it down by event.

bridal shower

Styled by Opulenticity Party & Buffet Styling

After a Bridal Shower:

“Thank you so much for coming to the shower and helping me celebrate before my big day.  The _____________________ is lovely and perfect.  I so look forward to seeing you again at the wedding.  Until then and with much appreciation…”


“Planning a wedding is stressful, but being the bride is turning out to be really fun.  I love the _______________ you got me.  I think you know me better than your future husband’s name here.  Many thanks for your thoughtfulness.”


If you received lingerie or something equally as intimate:

“As someone who has already been married, you clearly know what a bride really needs.  Thank you so much for the _________________.  I know I love it.  I think your future husband’s name here might love it even more.”

 write baby shower thank you

After a Baby Shower:

“These last few weeks of the pregnancy have felt like the longest yet, but the shower and your wonderful gift certainly helped lift my spirits.  The _________________ will come in so handy after the baby’s born.  Thank you for you thoughtfulness.”


“As someone who has already given birth, you certainly seem to know exactly what a new mother needs.  The ___________________ will be essential for me after the baby is born.  Thank you for being so smart and practical.  It will make my life easier.”


“I loved seeing you at the shower, and look forward to seeing you after the baby is born.  You can hold him/her while I nap!  The _____________________ is much appreciated, as are you.  Many thanks.”

 Birthday Party

After an Adult Birthday Party:

“I’m so grateful you could come to the party and help me celebrate another year, and the ________________ was so thoughtful.  I love it and will wear it often.  Thank you for thinking of me and knowing me so well.”


“It was enough to simply have you at the party, so the ________________ was an added bonus.  It’s perfect and will be put to good use.  With much appreciation and love…”


“I think you know me better than I know myself.  The __________________ is perfect and exactly what I needed.  Thank you so much for the gift but even more, for being in my life.”

 thank you kids birthday

After a Child’s Birthday Party:

Assuming you write the note yourself, have your child scribble something at the bottom of the card – their name, a flower, a smiley face, etc.


“Thanks so much for coming to help celebrate Susie’s birthday.  She’s not quite old enough to show her appreciation but I wanted you to know that you have mine.  The ____________ is perfect for her and she’s already into it with enthusiasm.  Great job picking it out.  With much gratitude…”


“It’s not always easy picking out the right gift for a child but you clearly know what you’re doing.  The _________________ is exactly what Stephen enjoys.  Since he can’t quite thank you yet, I’m doing it for him.  We so appreciate your thoughtfulness.”


“Kyle really enjoyed the party but, of course, more than that he loved opening up the gifts.  Yours was particularly appreciated because he loves ________________.  Thank you so much for your thoughtfulness and for helping us all celebrate.”


Needless to say, you can tweak these suggestions to suit your needs.  Hopefully, they’ll inspire you to get those thank you cards out quickly so you can start planning the next party!

Bonjour Berry




Free Christmas Printables

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Christmas Printables

Just in case you missed any – here is a roundup of free Christmas Printables that I have created.

1. Joyeux Noel Chalkboard Bunting

2. Simply Sweet Soiree’s Gift Tags

3. Modern Nickname Christmas Gift Tags

4. DIY Printable Advent Calender

Bonjour Berry



8 Free Script Fonts for Christmas Envelopes & Letters

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Free Christmas Script Fonts

Calligraphy on envelopes and letters looks fabulous but if your handwriting (like mine) isn’t quite up to scratch then here are 8 beautiful script fonts that you can download for free.

Learning Curve



Honey Script



Mission Script


Bonjour Berry

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